Top Private Colleges In London That Offer Best A Level Retake Courses

Retaking A Levels is arguably the best option for students who fail to get the grades they require to pursue their dream courses. If you are disappointed in your grades, it is the high time you start considering having A Level Retake Colleges at private colleges in London. With there being so many private colleges in London, it is difficult to find a college that offers the best A Levels retake courses and programmes. Here are some of the private colleges in London that are known to offer the best A Level retakes.

Duff Miller College

This is an independent private college that offers structured tuition to its students as per the demand of their exams. The college GCSE Retakeoffers A Levels retake programmes that are tailored to an individual’s specific needs. The teaching at this college is brilliant and their retake programmes focus on preparing students to achieve their dream grades and secure a place in reputable institutions of higher learning. The college offers short A Level retake programmes and 1 year A Level courses. Most of their programmes commence on January and student sit for exams on June.

Lansdowne Independent College

This is an independent 6th form college that is renowned for its excellent results and relaxed atmosphere. For more than 2 decades, the private college has been helping students in their quest to succeed in their retake exams. They offer various options for short retake programmes and 1 –year retake courses that are particularly ideal for students who require a more extensive programme to help them obtain good grades. The intensive nature of retake courses and programmes offered at this college helps students achieve high grades in various disciplines.

Chelsea Independent College

This is among the leading 6th form private colleges in London. The college like provides a wide array of A levels retake courses and additional retake programmes. Most of the students who take A Levels courses at this college are the ones repeating full A Levels or modules in specific subjects in order to boost their grades. Their courses are not mere revision programmes, but rather designed to teach all A levels materials

Private Colleges In London

Chelsea Independent College is a private college in London. It is an-independent-sixth (6th) form college that is located in Fulham in London Borough-of Hammersmith and Fulham-England. Chelsea Independent Private College provides both A level and full time GCSE courses for students aged between 14 years and 21 years whose primary goal/aim is to succeed and progress to Higher-Education. Chelsea Independent college can be described as a place which stimulates your independent inquiry, your intellectual curiosity, and a place that fosters a secure, serene sense of individuality and character within a frame work of sensible self discipline that is based on sound-moral and ethical values. The staff and the students enjoy a good relationship based-on mutual trust & respect.

Lansdowne Private College is-an independent (6th) sixth form college that is situated/located in Bayswater in London Borough-of Westminster, England. The Lansdowne college is registered-as a private-school with DfE and is inspected-by OFSTED. The college’s last-inspection was in the year 2009 and the inspection report declared that the Lansdowne College provides outstanding quality-of education for all its students. It’s located at the centre-of London, opposite Hyde-Park and Kensington Gardens. Some of the closest underground-stations to the college are Queensway-Bayswater and Notting Hill-Gate. Lansdowne collge provides both A level and also GCSE courses for the students aged between 14 years and 19 years whose primary aim and objective is to progress and join Higher Education. The college holds 217-students. It offers 45 A Level-subjects and, as from the year 2010, Lansdowne college has maintained its top-position on DfE Independent Sixth (6th) Form Performance-Tables for the 8th year-in succession.